Nursery Management Simplified

Wholesale nursery management software that’s designed to help you grow your business as well as your products.

Efficiency meets simplicity.

Nursery inventory software runs on Mac, Windows and iPad

Packed With Features – Simple To Use

Sembrent simplifies wholesale nursery management from beginning to end. A powerful calculation engine does the heavy lifting when it comes to planning, scheduling and inventory management.

And it does it all through an intuitive, easy-to-read interface that puts the info you need at your fingertips, whether you’re at a desk or in a greenhouse.


Nursery product templates make planning a breeze. Build a product once and schedule it to be ready for sale as much as you want.


Say goodbye to struggling with formulas & record keeping that deal with product life cycles, yields, losses & inventory control.


Multiple pickers increase efficiency using Smart Flow. Picks & shipments are confirmed & logged live, then they’re on their way.



Generate an invoice and even push it to Quickbooks Desktop with the QB Link feature. Auto-archived orders eliminates clutter.

Engineered for efficiency
Designed for simplicity
Customizable by you

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